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[Trance is Mason Jones]

Charnel Music Catalog -- March 1995 Web catalog:

TRANCE "Guitar Noise EP"

The latest little release from Trance is a 7" single on red vinyl with two explosive gems of 6-string abuse. Side A, "Monk on Fire," is a solo studio recording of intense textures unlike anything you may have heard from a guitar before. Side B is a live recording with additional vocal sounds courtesy of Allegory Chapel's Elden M. Limited to 500 copies! Quantities are running low... CHS-2, 7".................$5

TRANCE "Automatism"

We dug up a few copies of this from the basement (or something like that, since we don't have a basement), so we can list it here for a short while. The first Trance CD, mixing percussion, guitar noise, and classical sounds in various ways. Soon to be forever unavailable. CHCD-2, CD.................$12


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Trance "Contents Under Pressure"

The latest CD from Charnel Music's own Trance. This is all live recordings taken from performances during the past few years with a variety of friends aiding and abetting. A wide range of material here: guitar noise, drumming, and calm ambience, with artists including Jim O'Rourke, Joe Papa (of Controlled Bleeding), Allegory Chapel Ltd, Turbo Messiah, Evolution Control Committee, and Emil Beaulieu. FEP-CD2, CD....................$12

* Trance/Macronympha "Audio Image Assault"

One of the newest cassettes from G.R.O.S.S. Tapes, known for the beautiful packaging. For this one, Pittsburgh's loudest artists, Macronympha, sent Trance some tracks which were then demolished and re-assembled with new, strange sounds added in. C-46.......................$10

* Trance/D.S.Hastings "Unyielding Firmament/Toybox"

New split release from France's Sounds for Consciousness Rape, featuring Trance on one side and Hastings on the other. The Trance side is old material, very dense, thick, churning noise perhaps somewhat like C.C.C.C. at times. The Hastings side is a bit less dense but still packs a wallop. C-60........................$8

* Trance "Emergence of Buried Truths"

New cassette release with full-color cover, from Poland's Obuh Tapes. This collects our favorite symphonic tracks from the out of print "Mesmerism" cassette and the "Automatism" CD. A nice introduction to the calm side of Trance's work. C-60........................$6


* "Chaos of the Night" CD of live radio appearance by Mayuko Hino, Monte Cazazza, Mason Jones and Elden M * Trance "Augury" CD * ...and even more!

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