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A Residential Timeline

This is a timeline of all of the works by The Residents that I have information on, including starting dates, completion dates, and release dates. Most of the data here is taken from Uncle Willie's Highly Opinionated Guide to the Residents.

*Emphasized* entries represent major releases. Entries with a person's name under "Type" are collaborations with that person. Entries with an album's name under "Type" are contributions to that (non-Residents) album.

Date Title Type

Before the Beginning

1970 06 Rusty Coathangers for the Doctor Proto-album 08 The Ballad of Stuffed Trigger Proto-album 09 The Warner Bros. Album begun Unreleased Album

1971 05 The Warner Bros. Album completed Unreleased Album 08 Baby Sex begun Unreleased Album 10 The Boarding House performance Performance 11 Baby Sex completed Unreleased Album

The First Ten Years

1972 -- Vileness Fats begun Full-length film 10 Santa Dog begun Single 11 Santa Dog completed Single 12 *Santa Dog released* Single The Party of '72 performance Performance

1973 02 Meet the Residents begun Album 10 Meet the Residents completed Album

1974 04 *Meet the Residents released* Album 02 Not Available begun Unreleased album -- Not Available completed Unreleased album 10 The Third Reich 'N' Roll begun Album -- Fingerprince begun Album

1975 10 The Third Reich 'N' Roll completed Album

1976 -- (The Cryptic Corporation founded.) 02 *The Third Reich 'N' Roll released* Album -- *The Third Reich 'N' Roll video released* Video -- Vileness Fats abandoned Full-length film 04 Eskimo begun Album Satisfaction begun Single 06 Satisfaction completed Single Oh Mummy! Oh Daddy! Can't You See That It's Performance True; What the Beatles Did to Me, "I Love Lucy" Did to You performance 09 *Satisfaction / Loser = Weed released* Single Aphids in the Hall / You're a Martian Schwump released 11 Fingerprince completed Album Babyfingers begun EP

1977 02 *Fingerprince released* Album 04 "Whoopy Snorp" Blorp Essette 08 Meet the Residents edited & re-released Album The Beatles Play the Residents and The Single Residents Play the Beatles released 10 Duck Stab EP begun EP 11 Duck Stab EP recorded EP Babyfingers completed EP

1978 02 Duck Stab EP released EP 03 Satisfaction re-released Single 08 Buster & Glenn EP completed EP 09 The Spot / Smelly Tongues released Snakefinger 10 *Not Available released* Album Santa Dog '78 begun Single 11 *Duck Stab / Buster & Glen released* Album Santa Dog '78 completed released Single 12 Santa Dog '78 released Single

1979 -- The Official W.E.I.R.D. Book of The Residents Book published by W.E.I.R.D. 04 The Replacement begun EP 06 Eskimo completed Album The Replacement completed EP 08 The Replacement released Subterranean Modern 09 *Eskimo released* Album Babyfingers released EP Nibbles released Collection The Commercial Album begun Album What Wilber / Kill the Great Raven released Snakefinger 10 The Mark of the Mole begun Mole Trilogy Chewing Hides the Sound released Snakefinger

1980 01 Diskomo / Goosebump begun Single 02 Diskomo / Goosebump completed Single 03 The Model / Talking in the Town released Snakefinger 04 Diskomo / Goosebump released Single -- *Hello Skinny video released* Video 07 The Commercial Album completed Album 09 The Man in the Dark Sedan / Womb to Worm Snakefinger released 10 *The Commercial Album released* Album The Commercial Single released Single *One Minute Movies videos released* Videos Greener Postures released Snakefinger The Tunes of Two Cities begun Mole Trilogy

The Second Ten Years

1981 01 Shut Up, Shut Up! / And I Was Alone released Mini-single 02 "We're a Happy Family" and "Bali Hi" Miniatures 03 Title in Limbo begun Renaldo & the Loaf 06 Intermission begun Mole Trilogy 07 The Mark of the Mole completed Mole Trilogy 09 *The Mark of the Mole released* Mole Trilogy Tornader to the Tater / Italian Sunglass Gary Panter Movie released

1982 01 Tunes of Two Cities completed Mole Trilogy 03 *Tunes of Two Cities released* Mole Trilogy 08 Intermission completed Mole Trilogy 09 The Best of Ralph released Collection 10 Intermission released Mole Trilogy The Mole Show tour begins Tour The Mole Show (The Roxy) bootleg tape Performance recorded

1983 04 Residue released Collection 06 The Mole Show: Live in Holland performance Performance recorded 09 Title in Limbo completed Renaldo & the Loaf Against the Grain released Snakefinger It's a Man's Man's Man's World begun Single 10 The Mole Show tour ends Tour The Uncle Sam Mole Show performance Performance The Mole Show (The Roxy) bootleg re-released Live Album It's a Man's Man's Man's World completed Single George & James begun Composer Series The Big Bubble begun Mole Trilogy 11 *Title in Limbo released* Renaldo & the Loaf -- For Elsie begun Single

1984 02 George & James completed Composer Series 03 *George & James released* Composer Series -- Safety is the Cootie Wootie recorded Single 04 *It's a Man's Man's Man's World / Safety is Single the Cootie Wootie released* Ralph Before '84, Vol. 1 released Collection -- Ralph Video -- Volume 1 released Video -- *This is a Man's Man's Man's World video Video released* -- *Moleshow / Whatever Happened to Vileness Video Fats? video released* *Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats? album Soundtrack released* 09 Assorted Secrets released Collection -- The Census Taker recorded Soundtrack -- Santa Dog '84 begun & abandoned Unfinished single

1985 02 The Census Taker released Soundtrack 07 The Big Bubble completed Mole Trilogy -- Earth vs the Flying Saucers video released Videos 10 *The Big Bubble released* Mole Trilogy PAL TV LP released Soundtrack Memorial Hits released Collection The 13th Anniversary Show begins Tour The 13th Anniversary Show Japan concert Performance recorded 12 (Dec. 26th: One of the eyeball-heads is stolen from the dressing band's dressing-room.)

1986 -- The Cryptic Guide to The Residents published Book -- *Stars & Hank Forever recorded & released* Composer Series 02 The 13th Anniversary Show USA concert Performance recorded The 13th Anniversary Show: Live in Japan (aka Live album The Eyeball Show) released 03 Heaven? & Hell! released Collection "Theme for an American TV Show" Magnetic North 04 Kaw-Liga / Stars and Stripes Forever released Single Kaw-Liga / Jambalaya released Single The 13th Anniversary Show: Live in the USA Live album released 10 The 13th Anniversary Show Holland concert Performance recorded -- *The 13th Anniversary Show: Live in Holland Live album released* -- Earth vs The Flying Saucers Video soundtrack -- It's a Man's Man's Man's World / Jailhouse Single Rock released

1987 01 Diskomo (Live) recorded Single The 13th Anniversary Show Featuring Penn & Performance Teller performance The 13th Anniversary Show ends Tour -- Hit the Road Jack / For Elsie released Single Hit the Road Jack / Jambalaya, Firefly, The Single Big Bubble, Cry For the Fire released Hit the Road Jack (Dance Mix) / For Elsie Single released -- Kaw-Liga Prarie Mix released Single 03 (Savage Henry #2 comes out, with a guest appearance by The Residents) -- God in 3 Persons begun Album 06 (July 1st: Snakefinger dies of a heart attack) -- (I realize that the [Eye]-heads are real) (I find The Tunes of Two Cities and Intermission at a local record store) 08 The Snakey Wake performance Performance -- The Snakey Wake released UWEB CD 11 Boudisque 20th Anniversary Party performance Performance

1988 -- Diskomo (Live) released Single -- God in 3 Persons completed Album -- *God in 3 Persons released* Album -- Santa Dog '88 recorded & released UWEB CD 04 Off Beat Night -- Tele 5 performance Performance -- A Collection released Snakefinger -- From the Plains to Mexico released Single -- (UWEB founded)

1989 -- *God in 3 Persons soundtrack released* Soundtrack Double Shot 'O My Baby's Love / Loss Of A Single Loved One (intr) & Kiss of Flesh (inst) released Holy Kiss of Flesh released Single 06 *The Mole Show: Live in Holland released* Live album -- Kaw-Liga Housey Mix released Single -- Video Voodoo -- Volume 1 released Videos -- *The King and [Eye] recorded & released* Album

07 Lincoln Center -- pre CUBE performance Performance 11 CUBE-E tour begins Tour Buckaroo Blues & Black Barry recorded Performance 12 Buckaroo Blues & Black Barry released Live EP Buckaroo Blues CD released UWEB CD

1990 -- CUBE NYE New Year's Eve performance Performance -- Don't Be Cruel released Single Don't Be Cruel video released Video -- (I begin work on The Mostly Complete Works of The Residents) -- CUBE-E: Live in Holland recorded Performance -- *CUBE-E: Live in Holland released* Live album -- Liver Music released UWEB CD 04 Freak Show begun Album 10 Freak Show completed Album 11 (Nov. 14th: I see CUBE-E at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto) 12 CUBE-E tour ends Tour

1991 -- Stranger Than Supper released UWEB CD 02 Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions airs Soundtrack 03 *Freak Show released* Album -- *Freak Show video released* Video -- Daydream B-Liver released UWEB CD 09 Our Finest Flowers begun Album -- The Eyes Scream released Video 11 Ty's Freak Show performance Performance 12 Ty's Freak Show video released Video

The Twentieth Year

1992 -- The Residents: Songs Vol. 2 by The Covers of songs by Cheepskates released The Residents -- Blowoff released Single -- The 13th Anniversary Show: Live in the USA UWEB CD released 06 Freak Show Graphic Novel released Book 07 Our Finest Flowers completed Album -- The Big Picture airs Soundtrack The Adventures of Thmoas and Nardo airs Soundtrack 10 *Our Finest Flowers released* Album Twenty Twisted Questions compiled & released Laserdisk Where Is She? (live) video released Video -- Philip Charles Lithman aka Snakefinger UWEB CD released -- Santa Dog '92 recorded & released UWEB CD

1993 -- *Freak Show CD-ROM released* CD-ROM -- Meet the Residents by Ian Stewart published Book -- (Uncle Willie shuts down UWEB)

1994 -- Uncle Willie's Highly Opininated Guide to The Book & CD Residents published -- Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain released Single 10 (I begin work on A Guide to the Works of The Residents) 11 (The Cryptic Corporation notices this Guide) -- *Gingerbread Man CD/CD-ROM released* CD-ROM

The Future

1995 -- *Bad Day at the Midway to be released* CD-ROM