various b golden postcards and program notes from the John Jay Cloidt collection 1986-87 494w

BARBARA GOLDEN cordially invites you to two separate performances of MUSIC FOR STRINGS AND VOICE. Sunday April 27, 1986 at four o'clock p.m. at New Pieces, 1597 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, California, $7.00 includes a wine and cheese reception and Thursday, May 1, 1986 at eight-thirty o'clock p.m., at The Lab, 1805 Divisadero, San Francisco, California. Admission is $5.

with Jill Baker, Sheila Davies, Carla Fabrizio, Christopher Fulkerson, Barney Jones, Judiyaba, Mary Oliver, Nancy Snater, Melody Sumner, Sarah Willner, William Winant, and Barbara Zettel. For more information call (415) 552-7789.

NEW PIECES. Fabric & Chamber Music. 1597 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707. 415.527-6779. Presents Barbara Golden, composer. Music for Strings and Voice. Sunday, 4:00 P.M., April 27, 1986.

Cello III. Judiyaba and Carla Fabrizio, cellos. Barbara Zettel, Sheila Davies, Nancy Snater, Jill Baker, vocals.

Answer: Text by Melody Sumner from The Time is Now, Burning Books. Mary Oliver, violin. Barbara Golden, narrator.

My Pleasure: Text by Melody Sumner from The Time is Now, Burning Books. Barbara Golden, narrator. Carla Fabrizio, cello and vocals. Sheila Davies, Barbara Zettel, Barney Jones, Nancy Snater, Jill Baker, vocals.


Four Vees for Evvie: William Winant, vibraphone, Mary Oliver, violin, Sarah Willner, viola, Barbara Zettel, Carla Fabrizio, Nancy Snater, Jill Baker, vocals.

AT THE CORNER OF ALIVE & JESUS. June 6, 1987, 8 PM, New Langton Arts, 1246 Folsom St, SF.


VIOLA I (CELLO III): BARBARA GOLDEN Viola: Sarah Willner, Vocals: Sheila Davies, Laetitia de Compiegne, Barbara Golden.

AT THE CORNER OF ALIVE AND JESUS. PERFORMERS: William Winant: percussion, Sarah Willner: viola, vocals, Barbara Golden: narration, vocals, keyboards, Mary Oliver: violin, Laetitia de Compiegne: vocals, Sheila Davies: vocals, Miguel Frasconi, Pan pipes, Larry Polansky: guitar.

PERFORMERS ON TAPE: George Brooks: saxophone, Barney Jones: vocals and sound engineering, Barbara Golden: vocals, keyboards, David Cremin: narration, Robert Ashley: narration, Animals: courtesy: Paul Dresher.

Sound: Jay Cloidt. Recording: Brian Reinbolt. Banner: Johanna Poethig. Thanks: Helen Prince, Kevin Still, Roxanne Merryfield, Earwax. All music by Barbara Golden, Enr. CAPAC, except: "Embraceable You" by G and I Gershwin, "Tammy" by J. Livingston and Ray Evans. Words to "At the Corner of Alive and Jesus" registered ASCAP, by Melody Sumner. Produced and directed by Barbara Golden.


AT THE CORNER OF ALIVE AND JESUS. A Cantata: Music by Barbara Golden and words by Melody Sumner. Performed by Barbara Golden, Mary Oliver, Larry Polansky, William Winant, Sheila Davies. Sunday, Sept. 27, 1987, 7:30pm, $5.

ON THE ROAD WITH BARBIE & KEN. A multi media excursion/collaboration by Barbie and K. Atchley immortalizing their Nashville to SF drive last March. Live music, slides, electronics, and oh so much more with special guests Mary Oliver and Sarah Willner. sunday October 4 1987 at 7:30 PM $5.

NEW PIECES, 1597 Solano Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94707.