Wiring Dept. 1985 "San Francisco Underground 85" copyright 256w

UNSOUND (ad) "Some of the articles could be deemed as controversial." Sound Choice

"-- perhaps filling the gap left by Re/Search." Objekt

"The mother publication for industrial." JND

"Unsound is rapidly becoming one of the most provocative American experimental music magazines." On-Slaught

"For a music not shared by the Go Gos and Huey Lewis and the News." Snack

"For the un-initiated Unsound is possibly the most important magazine for industrial, avant-garde and other areas of left-sided soundscapes." No Commercial Potential

"It is now in its second Volume and has evolved from a rather small fanzine-type publication to a very professional magazine with some of the most interesting interviews, articles and contacts." Force Mental

The first issue of Unsound was published in September, 1983. It came about as a reaction against separatism, in which 'a select few become the only creative sources that are recognized.' Unsound is focused onto the harder edge of experimental art and music -- the edge that most consider subversive.

Artists/groups covered in the past have been Nagativland, Barrett Watten, Glenn Branca, Ellen Zweig, Einstruzende Neubauten, Karen Finley, Boyd Rice (NON), Minimal Man, Sonic Youth, Whitehouse, Psychic TV, and Leslie Thornton.

All cover art is done by different visual artists, some being Jo Babcock, Allan Winkler and Didier Cremieux.

Also, Unsound is a networking tool where information is listed and exchanged -- areas include radio, publications, distribution, mail art, extensive tape and record reviews, and other assorted network and contacts.

Typed by Cheryl Vega 6-26-95