Vortex 5, jan 1959 Program Notes, typed by Barb. Golden, 4/95 577w

VORTEX 5 January 12 & 13 19 & 20 26 & 27 8:00 & 9:00 P.M.


Suite in the Form of a Mushroom James Cunningham A Piece for Tape Recorder Vladimir Ussachevsky Untitled Tooru Takemitsu Omaggio a Joyce Luciano Berio Tribulation, 1958 David Talcott Song of the second Moon B. Raymakers


Artikulation Gyorgy Ligeti 350 Dash Two Gordon Longfellow Continuo Bruno Maderna Etude aux Sons Tendus Luc Ferrari Dialogue for Man and Machine Henk(?JH) Badings


Electronic music (or " musique concrete") has been made possible by the development of magnetic tape recording. This new art form is now being practiced in almost every country in the world. Leading contemporary composers (such as Boulez, Krenek, and Varese) have turned their attention to the musical possibilities of tape. In this, its fifth season, Vortex is bringing the Bay Area a definitive selection of the best compositions in this field, many of which were recently premiered in the Experimental Music Festival at the Brussels World Fair. A unique and distinguishing feature of Vortex is the accompaniment of visual non-objective projections throughout the program.


GORDON LONGFELLOW, a Californian, is in his late twenties. Before joining the Ampex Corporation, in 1953, he worked as a professional popular pianist and singer. He became interested in the possibilities of magnetic tape for musical composition after attending the first Vortex demonstration. Since then, Mr. Longfellow has been active as a composer and experimenter in the field. "350 Dash Two" was premiered at Vortex 4 and later featured in the Vortex presentation at Brussels. In this work, Mr. Longfellow a d (?JH) rotational playback possibilities for metallic sounds in different pitches.

DAVID TALCOTT was born in California in 1938. a musician and electronics engineer, he has been associated with radio station KPFA for five or six years. At KPFA Talcott has engineered and produced numerous dramatic programs. He has also been an important figure, both technically and creatively, in the vortex demonstrations. His earlier works, "Trilogy", "Loop Number 3" and "Piano and Piano" have clearly established Talcott as a skillful and talented composer. "Tribulation 1958" premiered by Vortex at the Brussels Fair, is this artist's most ambitious and complex work, in which he combines piano and synthetic sounds.

The Vortex demonstrations are sponsored by the Audio-Visual Research Foundation with the cooperation of the Morrison Planetarium. The Foundation is organized to explore the esthetic possibilities of technological developments in auditory and visual media. Our first project, Vortex, stems directly from this approach.

Technically Vortex utilizes all known systems of projection, along with one of the most highly developed sound playback systems extant. Yet, it is a live creation of sound and image, being performed for a specific audience. Vortex is based on a mutual complement of aural and visual elements, in which they reveal unspoken meanings about one another which exist in neither alone. Having presented successful Vortex series in San Francisco and Brussels, the Foundation hopes to give demonstrations in Tokyo and Moscow in 1959.


Technical consultants George Bunton & Alvin Gundred Publicity Gary Barrett Announcer Charles Levy Special Visual Effects Hy Hirsh and James Whitney Technical Assistance Junius Adams, Robert Greensfelder & David Porazzo Visual Coordinator Jordan Belson Audio Coordinator Henry Jacobs

This complimentary program donated by High Fidelity Unlimited of Menlo Park (soon to open in San Francisco) specializing in quality high fidelity components and Ampex home music systems.