From SOURCE Music of the Avant Garde, Issue Number Seven vol 4 no 1 january 1970 461w

Robert Moran


On an August evening in 1969 on the summit of Twin Peaks overlooking San Francisco, Robert Moran, in collaboration with artist Paul Crowley, realized 39 Minutes for 39 Autos.

Several local radio and television stations broadcast the event live, while buildings in downtown San Francisco performed light displays (all according to precise cuing) on their facades. In concert, many local residents followed light cues given via radio, orienting their home radio speakers toward the streets.

Robert Moran conducted the auto horns and headlights, while Margaret Fabrizio and assistants performed a special Moran score for realization on an electronic music synthesizer (all broadcast to local radio and television stations).

Following are scores, cue sheets, official documents, and TV photos from the event.

Instructions .

Radio Score for "Thirty-Nine Minutes for Thirty-Nine Autos" by Robert Moran.

Each medium will have its own score for light cues and when combined will create a city-wide orchestration of lights.

Each of the circled numbers represent the number of beats lights should be turned on. These lights may either be kept on for the duration of the cue or may be switched on and off according to the indicated cue number.

(7) on, 4 off, (9) on, 3 off, (3) on, 7 off, (5) on, 4 off, (2) on, 2 off, (8) on, 6 off, (5) on, 9 off, (3) on, 4 off, (2) on, 6 off. Repeat cycle.

Feel free to improvise, and instruct your audiences to do the same. You DO NOT have to begin the score at 9:00 sharp, and can pick it up at your convenience. Please be sure not to start your instructions before 9:00 nor continue beyond 9:39.

Disk Jockeys and Announcers are encouraged to call Bob Berks or Paul Crowley at 346-3609 for more information.

1. Bay View Federal Savings & Loan Association Mr. I.W. Thornton 2601 Mission St, SF

2. City Hall Dome Mr. Thomas Mellon

3. Veterans Building Mr. Joseph Allen

4. Union Oil Tower, 425 1st St, SF Mr. James Ramsey

5. Matson Building, 100 Mission St, SF Mr. Kinel

6. Shell Building, 100 Bush St, SF Mr. Wm. Filmer

7. Ferry Building Mr. Lee Backus

8. Sir Francis Drake Hotel Mr. David Plant

9. Alcoa Building, Maritime Plaza James Bronkema

10.Coit Tower Carl Poach

11.The Cannery Mrs. Parks

12. Bank of America World Headquarters Mr. Bill Kiehl

13. PG&E - 245 Market Street Building Ray Casaleggio

14. PG&E - Mission Sub Mr. Walter Leslie

15. Fairmont Hotel - 950 Mason Mr. Beacher

16. PT&T, 777 Folsom Sid Worthington

(copies to F. DiStetano - 666 Folsom " " John Heidhoff - 140 New Montgomery)