Consider this scenario:

Eleanor's tree, a huge liquid amber on the city strip outside her house, was connected to the "Trees on the Internet" portion of the Very Important "NOW" (VI"N") network several months ago with some help from here friend Rachel. The kit from the VI"N" web page the kit came with all the parts and instructions for connecting the tree as a reticular node on the overall network. It took them an afternoon to mount the Granier sensors on various branches of the tree and connect them to the solar powered wireless network box that sends the info out over the network. After joining the network and its associated Adobe ³Atmosphere² related virtual community she and her sub group have gained some notoriety for the synchronicity of their tree data with trends found from the Global Conciousness Project About 12 of the VI"N" nodes have begun to discover correlations between local and global events in the reactive patterns of their trees over the last months. Also, they have been trading sonification patches that creating an ambient music that she is tending to leave on as the ambient sound in here 3d virtual community where she trades search information and "bot" algorithms from her network friends.

Returning home at night Eleanor decides to spend some time linked into her node of the Very Important "NOW" (VI"N") network. The news has been full of gritty stories and hopelessly depressing world events beyond her control, but she has found some solace and connection to likeminded semi-well known network users through this network. The tree on her node has been noted for its sensitivity to her current network searching for statistical correlations between stories about avian flu epidemics and subtle changes in the phytomonitoring contours of the other trees in the network around the world. Since the current outbreaks of this flu are in Thailand her software has brought up a ripple effect on the sunrise side of the daily sap up flow of all the trees here particular Grid-bot has been compiling data for. Also, her modifications to the Perkis sonification algorithm has been picked up by 36 other users in the last week and received a mention on the p2p share space in the music trading area in VI"N" world. 

The open licensing and the use of creative commons has been a boon to the independent and experimental music scene. It has fostered an environment for international trading of music and video, and coordinating co located performances using the multicast streaming server section of the VI"N" network.

Eleanor has many friends across the network and earns status points and weighted node access to her "tree" and associated web pages, bots, and sonification algorithms for each new person she assists in joining and connecting a tree to a new node in the network.