Production Plan

June - September 2006 Fine tune the Phytomonitoring sensors, the solar battery charging system and the 802.11 b network configuration. Begin construction of 3d world for chat and peer to peer client scripts including python links to supercollider using

September December 2006 First test bed of "trees on the internet"at Oaklands Frank Ogawa plaza. Hopefully, we will be in contact with the Department of Forestry in the Netherlands and the Sovento group in Berlin and can send a kit to them.

January -March 2007 Testbed for the client engine and peer to peer transfer of supercollider patches playing generative algorithms from the initial network. Test the modified Darwin Streaming Server engine with realtime low latency multicast performance between CSUH interdisciplinary Center for Immersive Media, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY and the Montevideo Center in Marseilles France.

April - June 2007 Troubleshoot system components and improve communication between nodes of network. Create content for performance and environments for chat and peer to peer clients. Present the business model and premiere the web page to deseminate how to become a new node on the network