The Very Important "Now" Network




The "Very Important "NOW" network. Inspired by the Global Consciousness network at, the VI"N" is intended to maximize the reticular nature of the network, to use technology as a means of connecting to a world wide network that may already be all around us.  For several years now we have been working on the project the "Trees on the Internet" using the technology of Phytomonitoring to connect the flow of the tree and make it directly available on the Internet. This information will be used as a determinate in music and image generated on and for the network. Communication between participants in the network takes place with both a combination of multiclient video chat server. This will also support live multi node performance and nodal observation.

A library of interactive music and video routines will be available by way of the peer-to-peer network that is an integrated part of the VI"N" network. These various network enabled programs will have a scalable user interface. The basic network interaction can be performed and crdely monitored with a cell phone. However the full features of the various software interfaces is a more full featured experience with a network connected work station.

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