The Plenitude as of July 7, 2007 is no longer available here. This is good news because this great writing has finally found a publisher in MIT press.

from Marina LaPalma:

The MIT Press book is coming out very soon. Probably street date of Sept 7th. I hope we can have a book party at the Center for the Book in SF and/or at the Stanford Bookstore. It is listed on the MIT website as well as on Amazon:

The Plenitude: Creativity, Innovation & Making Stuff (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life) (Hardcover) by Rich Gold (Author), John Maeda (Foreword).


As many of you know, Rich has left us a legacy in
the form of his book, The Plenitude, which contains many of the key
ideas Rich spoke of.

As Rich said in the introduction:
" Well, so far I have been unable to find a publisher for The Plenitude, to turn it into its desired state of a book. Instead, like so much today, it finds itself on the web. Not surprisingly, both PowerPoint and Word provide a single button which automatically turns your works into web pages. Click! And so here it waits in a kind of accessible Purgatory hoping for a publisher to turn it into a paper and cloth book. If the medium of a talk is a crowded sweaty room, the medium of a book is a soft armchair or a fluffy bed, both of which are much nicer than a 17 inch monitor and the office chair in which the reader of a web page sits. "

When I discovered that had gone on to the website ghost world, and with it Rich's last book, I thought I should make a new purgatory for it. Prospective publishers of the book should talk to Marina LaPalma

-Scot Gresham-Lancaster May 2004